100% Grass-Fed & Finished

Our cattle only eat mother’s milk, fresh grasses produced on our ranch, harvested hay and alfalfa from our pastures, and native forage grown in the San Juan Mountains where they spend their summers happily grazing and enjoying life with minimal human contact.  They are raised in this environment without grain throughout their entire lives making the meat leaner than grain finished cattle. Studies show that grass-fed beef have much higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA’s).  These reduce the risk of heart disease, and CLA’s have shown to defend against cancer.

All Natural

Our cattle are raised in a chemical-free environment without antibiotics or added growth stimulants.  They feed and live in areas free of insecticides and herbicides.

Low Stress Living Environment

Our cattle live healthy lives with ample exercise, plenty of nutritious grass, fresh mountain water all year long, over 300 days of sunshine every year, and more than 20,000 acres of beautiful mountain forest to roam every summer.  They live on our ranch from the day they are born until they are processed.