Pasture Raised Eggs

We are happy to announce, that we are now offering pasture-raised eggs on a subscription basis.
The eggs will be available for weekly pickup at our ranch outside of Ridgway. This is recommended for people living in Ridgway/Ouray/Log Hill. If you live in Telluride or Montrose and a weekly pickup in Ridgway is not a problem for you, then feel free to sign up.

Our chickens spend the majority of their lives on fresh forage.
During late spring, summer and fall, our chickens live in the pasture. They are monitored daily and moved to fresh pasture often.  Movement to fresh pasture ensures that the benefits of the pastured poultry farming model come together. This creates an egg that is documented to be more nutrient dense in important vitamins and fats when compared to non-pasture raised eggs.

During the winter and early spring, our chickens live indoors, in a large hoop house. We use a deep bedding system with straw. We continuously add fresh straw to keep the chickens clean, dry, and healthy.

Our chickens are treated humanely, and are allowed to fully express their nature as chickens.  They can scratch in the earth for worms, bugs, and grubs and take dust baths to keep themselves clean. They socialize with their flock in uncrowded conditions and have access to fresh clean air, water, and sunshine for optimal health.

If you would like to sign up for a weekly egg subscription please fill out the form below.

Our egg subscription is currently full. Please check back later, when we have more availability, the signup form will be back. Thanks.