Summer Meat Special

We have 12-pound and 25-pound sample boxes of our Grass-Fed Beef.
The 25-pound boxes are $220 each including tax, $8.50/lb.
The 12-pound boxes are $110 each including tax, $8.50/lb.

The 25-pound box consists of approximately 10lbs of ground beef and 15lbs of other cuts including sirloin, New York, rib-eye, tenderloin, roasts, ribs, etc. Each box is a little different, but all include a nice variety of standard and premium cuts.

The 12-pound box consists of 5lbs of ground beef and 7 pounds of other cuts.
Here is the breakdown of a typical 12-pound box:
5 lbs ground beef
2 round steaks – approximately 2 lbs
2 tenderloin steaks – approximately 1 lb
1 chuck roast – approximately 4 lbs

All meat is processed at a USDA certified facility.
Boxes are available for pickup from our ranch in Ridgway. Additionally, we can deliver to Telluride or Montrose for $10.

Contact us at to arrange purchase.

We also sell whole, half, and quarter animals for custom order, prices go down the more you buy. Support local agriculture and give yourself some quality nutrient-dense food at the same time. Our cattle eat 100% local organic forage for their entire life. No grain, no antibiotics, no hormones, ever.

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