Fencing in the High Country

Tyler and I went into the high country today to fix some fences that we are responsible for up on a bunch of forrest service land. There is currently a fire ban here and it has gotten so bad that we were not even allowed to use any sort of a combustable engine. So that means we had to leave the chainsaw at home and instead bring a huge bow saw (probably hasn’t been used in years), some smaller hand saws and some axes.

Someone had painted on the bow saw “hand power”, which is a very appropriate term. We encountered several downed trees across the road on the way to the fence and after hand sawing multiple trees, I have a new respect for lumberjacks.

While we were up there we also took some grass samples for the forrest service.  We are definitely in a drought so the samples were meager, but it still looks better than alot of places in the county.

Regardless, it is extremely beautiful up in the high country and I always enjoy going up there to work.


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