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Summer Meat Special

We have 12-pound and 25-pound sample boxes of our Grass-Fed Beef. The 25-pound boxes are $220 each including tax, $8.50/lb. The 12-pound boxes are $110 each including tax, $8.50/lb. The 25-pound box consists of approximately 10lbs of ground beef and … Continue reading

Harvest Time

We have finally had  a few consecutive days without rain, so we are cutting and putting up our hay as fast as possible. The hay crop is slightly less than usual due to the drought we experienced this spring.

Ridgway Farmer’s Market

We had a great time at the Ridgway Farmer’s Market this past Friday.  We have been selling out meats there all season and this time we finally had the samples available. They  were a big hit and helped introduce our … Continue reading

Planting Trees

I know it’s not arbor day, but we planted some trees today anyway. We had three cottonwoods that had been dug previously and we needed to get them in the ground.  So we made a nice row along a fence line. Hopefully … Continue reading

Fencing in the High Country

Tyler and I went into the high country today to fix some fences that we are responsible for up on a bunch of forrest service land. There is currently a fire ban here and it has gotten so bad that … Continue reading